Speech and debate is an activity that opens doors, expands horizons, and builds leadership skills through advocacy, public speaking, and performance art.

Speech and Debate Team Members

The UIS Speech and Debate Team is committed to training the next generation of civic leaders, public speakers, and communicators who are passionate about effecting change in their communities. The team does this by competing in twelve public speaking events and two forms of debate at regional and national tournaments throughout the year.

College speech and debate provides an opportunity for students to learn how to communicate ideas, opinions, and beliefs in a meaningful and impactful way. Through extensive competition and service opportunities, competitors acquire the skills needed to be successful in the classroom and in their future workplace. The ability to articulate opinions persuasively while appreciating different points of view and life experiences will set you apart from your peers regardless of your future career plans. Joining a speech and debate team is one of the most impactful decisions you can make in college. In addition to the skills and experiences you gain, you will make friends that will last a lifetime.


Interested in becoming a part of our team? Great! Membership is open to all undergraduate majors on campus. No prior experience is required! Email the coach mailto:cgord@uis.edu to find out more and get started! Additionally, there are scholarship opportunities for members of the team.


UIS Speech and Debate is part of the School of Communication and Media within the College of Public Affairs and Education.

If you have an opportunity to use your voice, you should use it.

Samuel L. Jackson

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.

Malala Yousfazai

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