Is law school right for you? What do law schools really want? How can you choose the right law school for you? These are just a few of many questions prospective law students ask.

Deciding on whether to go to law school is a decision that only you can make. Listed below are resources that answer some common questions of prospective law school students.

Law School Preparation

  1. The Pre-Law Center in PAC 363 offers tests books available for checkout and informational packets that explain the process of preparing and applying to law school. The center also provides printed versions of every LSAT administered at student’s request!
  2. Enroll in a LSAT prep course through PowerScore or Kaplan, or check out the new free Khan Academy LSAT prep program sponsored by LSAC.
  3. LSAT Practice Tests.
    • Khan Academy – free through
    • Power Score
    • Kaplan
    • LSAT Max
    • Princeton Law Review
    • Contact the Pre-Law Center for information about UIS student discounts and free programs.
  4. Mometrix LSAT Practice Test.

Summer Programs

Some schools offer law school preparation summer programs. See below for a partial list:

Florida State Law’s Summer for Undergraduates Program is an intensive, four-week program that provides interested students with an inside look at law school and the legal profession.

Trials is a residential scholarship program that helps talented and motivated college students of modest means gain admission to the nation’s leading law schools.
For five weeks in June and July, Trials students take residence at Harvard or New York University.

The Chicago-Kent PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars program (“PLUS”) offers a unique and unforgettable experience for college students who are interested in the legal profession. This rigorous four-week program is designed to provide students with a “taste” of the law school experience. The program is primarily directed at undergraduate college students from disadvantaged groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

Cornell Prelaw Program & Internship in New York City is a six-week class and internship in June-July for students who have completed at least their sophomore year.

University of Illinois Chicago Law School is a four-week session to introduce individuals to law school and prepare them to be a law student.

Law Schools

There are a number of factors that determine where you attend law school. If you are interested in law school rankings, one place to look is U.S. News and World Report. Though this may be a good start, there are other ways to determine which law school is right for you.

The Law School Admission’s Council offers a searchable Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools.

Only you can determine which law school is right for you. Whether you are interested in a certain part of the country or certain legal discipline, only you can decide the law school that meets your individual needs.