This professional certificate program prepares online leaders, aspiring leaders, and administrators to lead online.

It is a comprehensive professional development program based on the Hallmarks of Excellence in the Online Leadership from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association and provides researched best practices and practical insights from recognized leaders. The courses vary in length from 4 to 8 weeks.

In order to earn the professional certificate, participants must have completed the required course work and demonstrated knowledge in the following areas related to online teaching and learning:

  • Roles of online leaders as advocates
  • Roles of online leaders as facilitators of change
  • Communications as an online leader
  • Collaboration with internal and external audiences
  • Knowledge of available technologies for faculty and student support
  • Understanding quality assurance as a provider of online learning
  • An online leader’s role as professionals

The projects required to complete each course provide an electronic portfolio that demonstrates knowledge in the areas identified as most important to quality online leadership.

Required Courses

4 Week Courses

  • Internal Advocacy for Online Leaders
  • Digital Technology for Online Leaders

8 Week Courses

  • Faculty and Student Support for Online Leaders
  • Quality Assurance and Accountability for Online Leaders
  • External Advocacy and Professionalism for Online Leaders

When the newly developed Master Online Leader and Administrator professional certificate was implemented, it replaced the ION Certified Online Learning Administrator program that ran from 2011 to Summer 2018.