GIS Courses for Students at all Levels

ENS 404: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Time Offered: On-ground in the Fall; online in the Spring; alternating in the Summer
Software Platform: ArcGIS Pro
Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts, principles and tools of GIS. Basic theories and frameworks upon which geographic information science is founded are covered. In this course students will gain practical knowledge of computer-aided map making, georeferencing, GIS data structure and acquisition, and spatial reasoning as they are used in a variety of fields. In addition, students will also learn effective data presentation methods using maps, figures, and tables in the form of power point presentation and posters.

ENS 405: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Time Offered: On-ground and online alternating in the Fall
Software Platform: ArcGIS Pro, ITT ENVI when necessary
Course Description: The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the principles and techniques necessary for applying remote sensing to diverse environmental issues. The course emphasizes a hands-on learning environment with theoretical and conceptual underpinnings in both aerial and satellite remote sensing. Primary focus will be placed on digital image interpretation, analysis, and processing for a broad range of applications.

ENS 503: Advanced GIS Applications
Time Offered: On-ground and online alternating in the Spring
Software Platform
: ArcGIS Pro
Course Description: This course introduces students to advanced GIS topics. Knowledge gained in this course will give students the tools required to solve complex environmental issues. Students will gain experience with spatial analysis, network analysis, 3-D analysis, GIS modeling, geostatistics, and other ArcGIS extensions. Students will also be exposed to internet based mapping – a technology used to disseminate spatial data.

GIS workshops
Time Offered: Periodically throughout the year.

Next GIS workshop: TBD