New General Education Submission Deadlines – All Categories

In order to review course proposals for possible approval early enough to include them in the dynamic course schedule, the General Education Council (GECo) has set deadlines.

For annual deadlines for course approval, please go to the GECo webpage for contact information.

Submissions received after the deadlines will be reviewed as time allows.

We encourage faculty to consult members of GECo at any point.  However, please note that GECo will only consider for approval courses that have been approved through all prior levels of governance.  As such, you should plan for additional time for these earlier levels of review.  Please also keep in mind that while GECo approves courses, it is not involved in the scheduling of courses.

Find course approval faculty course submission forms for all general education, including ECCE. Please send materials to Brian Moore at and copy to

General Education Council Members 2022-2023.

Please consider reaching out to general education members of GECo as you develop your proposals.


The General Education Council (GECo) shall promote excellence in general education at UIS by facilitating development, approval, and evaluation of courses; developing policies and rules for implementation of the curriculum; and recommending to the Undergraduate Council and the Campus Senate policy changes of the general education curriculum.