Therkildsen Student Grants

Looking for Osprey with a spotting scope

The Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon (TFSE) invites UIS faculty and students (Graduate or Undergraduate) to submit collaborative proposals to conduct research in, and around the Emiquon Preserve. The number of awards  is expected to vary from year-to-year. Projects do not need to be scientific in nature. Projects should have a defined outcome. Students are expected to present their work in a formal setting, such as STARS.

Proposal are accepted on a rolling basis.

TFSe Research Support for details on the content of the proposal.

Proposals and should be emailed to the TFSE Director, with the subject “TFSE-Research Support“.

All proposals will be reviewed by a committee assembled by the TFSE Director, which will make recommendations based on the quality and feasibility of the project.

Other Sources of Student Funding


Are you in need of extra resources to carry out your research at Emiquon? The following organizations offer grants to support student research and/or student travel to conferences. For specific information regarding deadlines, criteria, and eligibility please follow the links below:

This list will change from time to time. Please send along any opportunities that you know about, and let us know if we miss any changes in the above information.