The Therkildsen Field Station connects researchers and students of all ages to the Emiquon Preserve by supporting education and exploration of its complex wildlife and habitats.

The floodplain restoration at the Emiquon Preserve provides exciting scientific opportunities for researchers and valuable learning experiences for students. Additionally, the quiet and scenic setting offers artists and writers an inspiring get-away. The Therkildsen Field Station (TFSE) provides logistical support for these endeavors with laboratory and classroom space, as well as equipment and housing.

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Student Experiences

A central part of the Therkildsen Field Station’s mission is to assist with the education of future scientists, policy makers, and informed citizens. We are proud of being able to support students with logistics while at the TFSE, as well as through a variety of student grant opportunities. Students supported by the TFSE or by other funding agencies have engaged in a number of projects focusing on the importance of the Emiquon Restoration Project and the surrounding area.

Former students researchers at the TFSE have successfully moved onto employment in related fields. Among them are a Wildlife Biologist with APHIS-Wildlife Services, USDA (New Jersey); a Water Resources Outreach Assistant with Illinois Water Resources Center; and a Natural Resources Specialist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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