DUI Service Provider Training – Advanced

Advanced Trainings for FY24

  • November 2, 2023:  2060/Secretary of State Denials – Online via Zoom
  • June 6, 2024:  2060/Secretary of State Denials – Online via Zoom

Advanced Training Materials

You can download, save, or print the materials here (please check back for FY24 materials):

  1. Part 2060 Advanced Training for FY22 (PDF)
  2. Secretary of State Denials for FY22 (PDF)

Responding to Secretary of State Denials 

Fee: $165 – 6 CEUs

This seminar assists providers in responding to denials of petitions for driving relief (issuance of restricted driving permits and reinstatement of driving privileges).  Moderated by Secretary of State Hearing Administrators, the instructors will help professionals determine what interventions are necessary next steps for petitioners to support their burden of proof at their next hearing.  Counselors will learn the difference between formal and informal hearings, the most frequent reasons clients are denied driving relief, and what role they can play in resolving those issues.  Staff from IL-DHS-SUPR will be providing updates to eDSRS Electronic Driving Service Reporting System and IL Administrative Code 2060.

Instructors: Illinois Secretary of State Hearing Administrators

ASAM Criteria

Fee: $165 – 6 CEUs

This workshop reviews the criteria created by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), focusing on the six ASAM dimensions, including the client’s readiness to change, relapse potential, and recovery environment. Participants will also learn how to use the ASAM format for other clinical applications including treatment planning, writing progress notes, and developing discharge summaries.

Instructor: Robert Carty, LCSW, CADC, CCJP

Everything You Wanted to Know About Part 2060 and Were Afraid to Ask

Fee: $165 – 6 CEUs

This training focuses on the basic ground rules and nuances of Part 2060 of the Administrative Rule including requirements for implementing and maintaining Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment and Intervention Services. Program preparation for licensing and compliance site visits will also be discussed.  The goal is to provide a strong foundation for participants to build and maintain quality services while meeting client needs.

Instructor: George Rafeedie, MPA, CSADC