University Assembly Bills Adopted by Governance

1971 through 1995

Twenty Fourth University Assembly (1994-95)

24-1 A Bill to Abolish the Business & Administrative Services Advisory Committee and to Create an “Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee”

24-2 A Bill to Establish a Policy for Admission of Students with 45 – 60 Semester Hours (pdf) of Lower Division Credit
[Superseded Resolution 32-19]

24-3 Procedures for Consideration of Program Deletion
[X-Ref. Resolution 28-6]

Twenty Third University Assembly (1993-94)

23-1 A Bill to Revise SSU Smoking Policy
[Superseded Resolution 32-2]

23-2 A Bill to Establish University Requirements Governing the Offering of Double Majors (pdf) by Graduate Programs

23-3 Student Codes and Student Rights [X-Ref. Resolution 30-16; Superseded Resolution 37-26]

23-4 A Bill to Create a University Security Department Review Panel

Faculty Senate Bill

Approved April 22, 1994. Policy on Continuing Graduate Enrollment for Completion of Masters Closure (pdf) Requirements

Twenty Second University Assembly (1992-93)

22-1 Procedures for Consideration Program Deletion
[X-Ref. U A Bill 24-3; Resolution 28-6]

22-3 General Education Policy
[Supersedes U A Bill 15-10 as of FALL 94/95]

Twenty First University Assembly (1991-92)

21-1 Use of Recycled or White Paper for University-Wide Memo Distribution


21-1 A Resolution to Create a Joint Presidential and Governance Committee to Conduct Review of Program/Service Mix Under Phase Two of SSU’s Strategic Planning

Twentieth University Assembly (1990-91)

20-1 To Amend JUAC Representation (BOR amended its policies to provide for 6 JUAC members)

20-2 SSU Human Rights Policy

20-3 A Bill to Revise University Requirements Governing Closure for the Master’s Degree
[X-Ref. Resolution 29-15]

20-4 A Bill to Establish a Policy for Admission of Students with 45 to 60 Semester Hours of Lower Division Credit (pdf)
[Superseded by U A Bill 24-2]

20-6 Posthumous Degrees

Nineteenth University Assembly (1989-90)

19-1 A Bill to Charge the University Assembly Master Campus Physical Planning Committee to Consider Developing a Plan on Exterior Campus Sculpture

19-2 A Bill to Establish the Sexual Harassment Policy of SSU (This policy repeals U A Bill 11-4)

19-3 A Bill Establishing Policies and Procedures for Meeting the Public Affairs Mandate (pdf) in Graduate Study

Eighteenth University Assembly (1988-89)

18-1 A Bill Proposing a Policy on Academic Minors (pdf)

18-2 A Bill to Establish Faculty Qualifications to Teach 500 Level Graduate Courses (pdf) and Identify who is Responsible for Implementations

18-3 A Bill to Change the Bachelor Degree Requirements (pdf) (LSC’s, AST’s, PAC’s)

18-4 A University Assembly Bill to Establish a Task Force to Revise the University Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure

18-5 A Bill to Establish a University Committee on the Status of University Women

Seventeenth University Assembly (1987-88)

17-4 A Bill to Establish a Second Bachelor’s Degree Policy and Provide Catalog Statement on Requirements for a Double Major (pdf)

17-5 A Bill to Establish a University Assembly Task Force to Revise and Update the Student Grievance University Code but Excluding All Personnel Matters

17-7 A Bill to Modify Grading Policy by Changing the Deadline for Choosing to Audit a Course

Sixteenth University Assembly (1986-87)

16-1 A Bill to Abolish the University Program Evaluation Committee and Define and Transfer Responsibilities for Program Review and Evaluation
[Supersedes U A Bill 8-1]

16-3 A Bill to Change Membership and Functions of the Long Range Academic Planning Committee
[Supersedes U A Bill 8-9]

16-5 A Bill to Amend U A Bill 15-12 to Reduce the Size of the University Promotions Committee and to Clearly Permit Faculty to be Nominated and Run for Election for the Tenure Decision Committee and the University Promotions Committee while Serving on a School Personnel Committee

16-6 To Amend the University Assembly By-Laws to provide for Delegation to the Chair of the Faculty Senate the Power to Appoint Faculty to Vacant Faculty Positions on University Assembly Committees and Task Forces

16-8 A Bill Establishing a New Policy on Requirements for Admission to Study at the Graduate Level

16-9 A Bill to Enhance the Recognition of Demonstrated Superior Academic Achievement by Establishing a Dean’s List

Fifteenth University Assembly (1985-86)

15-5 A Bill to Amend the Personnel Policies to Establish Ineligibility of Administrators for Consideration for Promotion in Faculty Rank

15-7 Proposed Amendments Regarding Repeating Courses at Graduate Level: SSU Catalog 1985-86, pp. 19-20, Paragraph 9

15-8 Proposed Amendments Regarding Transfer of Credit at the Graduate Level: SSU Catalog 1985-86, pp. 19-20, Paragraph 9

15-9 A Bill to Establish Policy on Time Limitation for Graduate Degree (pdf)

15-10 Proposed Amendment Regarding General Education Requirements (pdf) at the Undergraduate Level: SSU Catalog 1986-87; p. 22
[Superseded by U A Bill 22-3]

15-11 University Budget Advisory Committee

15-12 Personnel Evaluation Structure to Adjust to Existence of Schools

Fourteenth University Assembly (1984-85)

14-1 Learning Center Faculty Assistants

14-3 The State of Graduate Education at SSU

14-4 Academic Honors Designation (pdf) for Baccalaureate Candidates

14-5 Emeritus Policy

14-7 Establish Policy for the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council

14-9 On-Campus English Testing (pdf)

14-10 Faculty Personnel Files

Thirteenth University Assembly (1983-84)

13-2 Policy on Plagiarism

13-3 Joint Appointments

13-6 Evaluation of Teaching

13-7 Grading System Explanation

13-8 Corrections to Blue Book (Amendment: Sec. III)

13-9 Blue Book Change (Amendment: Sec. IV)

Twelfth University Assembly (1982-83)

12-1 Policy for the Review of University Programs

12-2 Bill that Abolishes Graduation Report Requirements at SSU (pdf)

12-3 A Bill to Limit Hours Required in Undergraduate Majors (pdf) from Academic Standards Committee [X-Ref. Resolution 32-24]

12-4 Faculty Tenure Policy

12-5 Establishment of Committee on Sabbaticals, Academic Awards and Recognition

12-6 Academic Probation Policy (pdf)

12-7 SSU Financial Exigency Procedures

12-8 Graduation Grade Point Average (pdf)

Eleventh University Assembly (1981-82)

11-2 Grading Policy at Sangamon State University (pdf)
[X-Ref. Resolution 27-18; Resolution 32-28]

11-3 Revision of Personnel Policy on Terms Appointment and Reappointment

11-4 SSU Policy on Sexual Harassment
[Superseded by U A Bill 19-2]

Tenth University Assembly (1980-81)

10-2 Turning Grades in on Time

10-4 Budget Review Committee

10-8 Undergraduate Catalog Copy

10-12 Parking Regulations

Ninth University Assembly (1979-1980)

9-1 Policy on Incomplete

9-2 Communication Skills Recommendations

9-3 Posting of Positions Open on Campus [X-Ref. U A Bill 4-17]

Eighth University Assembly (1978-1979)

8-1 UPEC [Superseded by U A Bill 16-1]

8-2 Advising (pdf)

8-3 Athletic Committee

8-4 Amendment to U A Bill 7-4, Policy on Dismissals for Cause and Sanction

8-5 Smoking [X-Ref. U A Bill 23-1]

8-6 Physical Planning Committee

8-9 Long Range Academic Planning Committee
[Superseded by U A Bill 16-3]

8-10 Blue Book Changes

Seventh University Assembly (1977-1978)

7-1 Research and Teacher Learning

7-2 Tenure

7-3 Sabbatical Leaves

7-4 Dismissal for Cause

7-5 Appeals Board

7-7 UNI Courses

7-8 Enrollment, Catalog Requirements (pdf)
[Superseded by U A Bill 15-9]

Sixth University Assembly (1976-1977)

6-1 Tenure

6-2 Tenure

6-3 Rank and Promotion

6-4 Tenure

6-5 Reappointment

6-6 Diploma Designation (pdf)

6-13 Graduate Study [X-Ref. U A Bill 15-8; Changes IV-A]

6-14 Personnel Calendar

6-15 Personnel Calendar

6-17 Promotion

Fifth University Assembly (1975-1976)

5-1 Reappointment

Fourth University Assembly (1974-1975)

4-5 Attendance Standards

4-6 Personnel Files

4-9 Reappointment

4-10 Tenure

4-17 Vacancies in Administrative Offices (pdf)
[X-Ref. U A Bill 9-3]

4-18 Governance Transition

4-19 Graduate Transfer Credit
[Superseded by U A Bill 15-8]

Third University Assembly (1973-1974)

3-1 Use of Lower Division Courses (pdf)

3-3 Retention

3-4 Graduation Report (pdf)

3-5 Tenure

3-6 Use of Lower Division Courses (pdf)

3-7 Jukebox

3-8 Dogs and Pets

3-9 Joint University Advisory Committee [X-Ref. U A Bill 20-2 JUAC Representation]

3-10 Constitutional Convention

3-11 Personnel Policies Review

Second University Assembly (1971-1972)

2-2 List of Graduates

2-3 Fee-Less Grace Period

2-4 Activity Fee

2-5 Retention [X-Ref. U A Bill 1-79]

2-7 Policy

2-8 Travel Regulations

2-9 Governance

2-10 Retention

2-11 Budget

2-12 Legal Counsel [X-Ref. U A Bill 2-45]

2-13 Governance

2-14 Retention

2-15 Retention

2-16 Part-Time Faculty

2-17 Activity Fee

2-18 Affirmative Action

2-19 Student Teachers Evaluation

2-21 Book Store

2-22 Motor Vehicle Regulatory Policies (Amend.)

2-23 Motor Vehicles

2-24 Time Slot for Meetings

2-26 Teacher Preparation

2-27 Limiting Expenditure of Student Activity Fees

2-30 Handbook

2-33 Course Listings

2-36 Governance Credit (Student)††† [X-Ref. U A Bill 1-40]

2-38 Class Size

2-39 Committees

2-40 Teacher Preparation

2-42 Advising

2-44 Define Standards in Graduate Evaluation Symbols

2-45 Governance [X-Ref. U A Bill 2-12 Legal Counsel]

2-46 Motor Vehicles

2-47 Governance

2-49 Governance

2-50 Evaluation of Faculty

2-51 Retention

2-52 Student Grant
[X-Ref. U A Bill 2-54]

2-54 Student Grant

First University Assembly (1971)

1-2 Full Need Students (see Resolution 1-2)

1-3 Motor Vehicle

1-4 Parking Gate [Superseded by U A Bill 1-13]

1-5 Admission to Courses

1-6 Recreation Space

1-7 Grades and Evaluations

1-8 Committee on Library

1-9 Committees

1-10 Affirmative Action; Nepotism

1-11 Off-Campus Bodies

1-12 Program Statements Accepted

1-13 Parking Gate

1-14; 1-17 Program Statements Accepted

1-18 Organizations Practicing Racial Discrimination (Activity Fee)

1-19 Vending Machines

1-20; 1-39 Program Statements Accepted

1-29; 1-39 Course Listings

1-33 Program Document Reading

1-34 Library

1-35 Public Affairs Colloquia (Same as U A Bill 1-55)

1-36 Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

1-40 Governance Credit (Committees participation-academic credit)

1-41 Summer Programs Accepted

1-42 Catalog Requirements (pdf)

1-43 Parking

1-44 Graduation Requirements

1-45 Program Document Accepted

1-48 Library House

1-50 Academic Planning

1-51 Admission to Courses

1-53 Applied Study

1-55 Public Affairs Colloquia (Same as U A Bill 1-35; signed under wrong number)

1-56 Release of Student Information

1-58 Governance Credit

1-59 Admission to Courses

1-60 Tutorials

1-61 Tutorials

1-62 Grades

1-63 Applied Study

1-64 Applied Study

1-65; 1-75 Amendments to Governance Document

1-77 Delegates Funding

1-78 Committee Membership

1-79 Recruitment [X-Ref. U A Bill 2-5]