AP Staff Membership Roster

The Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC) is composed of 10 elected members plus appointed representatives from the chancellor, provost, human resources, and Civil Service Advisory Council, for a total of 14 members.

Robin Vansasik, 2017-2020

Raymond Barnett, 2017-2020

Emily Boles, 2019-2022
Chair, AY 2020

Stacey Gilmore 2017-2020

Rachel Price, 2018-2021

Vern Huber, 2018-2021
Treasurer, AY 2020

Craig McFarland 2018-2021
Vice President, AY 2020

Lisa McGuire, 2019-2022
Secretary, AY 2020

Mae Noll, 2019-2022

Ryan Williams, 2018-2021


Natalie Taylor, Provost’s Representative
Kelsea Gurski Chancellor’s Representative
Kaylee Hubbard, Civil Services Advisory Council Representative (CSAC)
Melissa Mlynski, Senior Director Human Resources