AP Staff Membership Roster

The Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC) is composed of 10 elected members plus appointed representatives from the chancellor, provost, campus Human Resources Office, and Staff Advisory Council, for a total of 14 members.

District Representatives

District 1 (PAC)

Donna Haynes, 2018-2021
Treasurer, AY 2020

District 2 (HSB & BRK)

Ryan Williams, 2018-2021

District 3 (UHB)

Raymond Barnett, 2017-2020

District 4 (VPA, SAB, SLB, CCC, HBC, TRAC, PBD, Peoria)

vacant, 2019-2022

District 5 (WUIS, BSB, HRB, LRH, FRH, UNION)

Stacey Gilmore 2017-2020

At-Large Representatives

Vern Huber, 2018-2021

Emily Boles, 2019-2022
Chair, AY 2020

Craig McFarland 2018-2021
Vice President, AY 2020

Lisa McGuire, 2019-2022
Secretary, AY2020

Dara Abina, 2017-2020


Natalie Taylor, Provost’s Representative
Kelsea Gurski Chancellor’s Representative
Kaylee Hubbard, Civil Services Advisory Council Representative (CSAC)
Melissa Mlynski, Senior Director Human Resources