Learn more about the Campus Senate Committees.

Academic Integrity Committee (3 year term)
Sarah Collins, 2021-2024

Academic Technology Committee (2 year term)
Sarah Gibson, 2020-2022

Campus Senate AP Representative (2 year term)
Michele Gribbins, 2022-2024

Campus Planning and Budget Committee (4 year term)
vacant, 2018-22

Committee on Admissions, Recruitment and Retention (3 year term)
Lisa McGuire, 2022-25

Committee on Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity and Access (3 year term)
Lisa Whelpley, 2021-2024

Justin Rose, 2019-22

Committee on the Library (2 year term)
Emily, 2022-2024

Committee on Student Discipline (2 year term)
vacant, 2022-2024
Heather McCullough, 2022-2024

Committee on Sustainability (3 year term)
Mae Noll, 2019-2022

AP Representatives to Other Committees

UIS Civil Service Advisory Council (1 year)
Kevin Zepp, 2021-2022

UIS Research Board (2 year term)
Tom Rothfus, 2022-2024

Academic Affairs Budget Implementation Committee (4 year term)
Jessie Decker, 2020-2024

SURS Member Advisory Committee (4 year term)
Vern Huber, 2020-2024

UIS Conflict of Interest Committee (3 year term)
Bryan Rives, 2020-2023