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Universal Standard for Academic Integrity

  • Universities across the United States maintain academic integrity policies to ensure honest and genuine college work.
  • UIS academic integrity policy ensures personal honesty that facilitates an open, vibrant exchange of ideas.
  • The intellectual character of the UIS community depends on academic integrity, which nurtures the trust and mutual respect of all members of the community.
  • This policy enhances students’ personal character, establishes fair grading, and maintains the credibility of your UIS degree.
  • UIS academic integrity policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students and provides an objective procedural process for alleged violations.

Request for Reinstatement After Suspension Form (PDF)

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity emphasizes the respect for knowledge and the respect for others’ ideas. In essence, academic integrity ensures that you receive merit and proper recognition for your work.

UIS academic integrity policy teaches you to succeed with integrity and helps you develop leadership skills that will benefit you in your chosen profession.

How to Maintain Integrity

  • Checking with professors about their expectations for citing sources
  • Reading the syllabus and assignment instructions carefully
  • Asking your professor for permission before you share your work
  • Planning ahead because procrastination and the lack of time leads to the temptation to cheat
  • Making smart decisions like doing your own work, diligently studying for exams, and writing your own essays

Academic Integrity Videos

Where to Get Help

  • Talk with your instructor
  • Talk with a librarian
  • Talk with a tutor in the UIS Learning Hub
  • Talk with your GA or TA, if applicable
  • Contact the Academic Integrity Council
  • See the UIS Learning Hub Resources below

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