The UIS Visual Arts Gallery is a public program with a mission to make contemporary art available and accessible to all, and it serves as a unique and important place to see and experience art on campus and in Springfield. See a record of our past exhibitions and ancillary events below. 

Past Gallery Exhibitions & Press: 2013-2023

Fall 2023

Heather Bennett - Night Watch (Origin of the World)

Service Works - A Public Commons

Summer 2023

Group Exhibition - Gemstones

Featuring: Laura Anderson, Samra Aslam, Harshavardhan Bapat, Jessica Bingham, Stanley Bly, Ramona Boston, Joan Burmeister, Bruce Burton, Delinda Chapman, Rachel Leah Cohn, Laura Kay Coffey, Sage Dawson, Bob Dixon, Betsy Dollar, Thomas A. Gebhardt, Colleen Halford, Benjie Heu, Jan Sorenson Hill, Monica S. Hohimer, Gina Hunt, Travis Janssen, Barbie LaFrance, Lisa Lofgren, Benjamin Lowder, Brian MacKenzie, Alexander Martin, Seraphina McAteer, Corrin Smithson McWhirter, Anna Mulch, Marco Mulder, Mark Rospenda, Michelle Ryan, Jen Santarelli, Diane Schleyhahn, Carolyn Owen SommerLeslie Stalter, Mary Ellen Strack, John Stringer, Gene Tantaand Christopher A. Tice.

Spring 2023

Visual Arts Senior Student Exhibition - Under the Umbrella

Featuring: DT Derrickson, Maddie Edmondson, Taylor McClure, Tina Pierson, Jae Mitchel Scott, and Kaylee Winterbottom.

Jennifer Holt - In the Shadow

Frances Lee - A tax on a bag and other landscapes

Fall 2022

Hale Ekinci - Motif: Silent Language

Mauricio RamirezPoly-wave: Seeds of Color and Shape

Group ExhibitionMaking Our History: Artists Render Lincoln's Legacy

Featuring: William Blake(link is external)Julie Cowan(link is external)Keenan Dailey(link is external)David Hinds(link is external)Danny Houk(link is external)Larsen Husby(link is external), Jordan Fein, Lori Fuller(link is external)Industry of the Ordinary(link is external) (Adam Brooks & Mathew Wilson)Lindsay Johnson(link is external)Kelly Kristin Jones(link is external)Judith Joseph(link is external)Judith Mayer(link is external)Alexander Martin(link is external)Mark Nelson(link is external)Nathan Peck(link is external)Don Pollack(link is external), Krista Shelton, Corey Smith(link is external), and Billie Theide.

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022


Spring 2022


  • Hasani Cannon, Taylor Parriott, Dustin Robertson, Samantha Wetter, Hannah Wilson, and Tyler Wise – OVER/LOOK, Visual Arts Senior Student Exhibition
  • Anne ToebbeMidway
  • WORK/PLAY – The Most Known Unknown
  • Doug Stapleton – Charismatic Fauna


Fall 2021



Fall 2020 - Spring 2021


Spring 2021


  • Kortney Correa, Claude Henry, Zoey Pritchett, Aaron Elmore, Elizabeth Shumake, and Megan RobertsFlash Point & Luminal Lost, Visual Arts Senior Student Exhibition
  • Brytton Bjorngaard, Shane Harris, Mike Miller, and Jeff Robinson – Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition
  • Shir Ende and Max Guy – Duet


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