Student Union Digital Video Wall

The University of Illinois Springfield Student Union prominently features a 9-screen video display wall, located outside of the Student Leadership Center.

The video wall is administered and programmed by the University’s Marketing Department. The goal of the video wall is to communicate with students and university employees about campus events and important university and system-level announcements, as well as highlight the achievements of our students, faculty and staff. The wall is also a tool to communicate with external visitors about the university and its mission. Messages, images, videos and events, carefully chosen and displayed on the video wall correlate directly to those goals.

The video wall content loops during Student Union normal business hours, and may operate during special events that fall outside of normal business hours.

UIS faculty, staff and student groups may inquire about displaying an image on the video wall, but requests are considered on an individual basis, and UIS Campus Relations has the right to reject the submission for any reason. Requests can be made to Liz West, marketing associate, at

UIS student groups that would like to promote an event in a digital format are encouraged to submit information and a high resolution image for the campus relations digital signs, in accordance with these policies. Images must be created in 1920×1080 pixels with 96 PPI. Images stretched to meet those criteria will appear grainy and distorted and will be rejected. Please submit video wall images in the proper size in a .jpg, .psd or Adobe Acrobat format.

Best Practices

Designing content

We encourage those with limited experience with graphic design to take advantage of the templates being designed by the Campus Relations Department.  They will allow you to simply drop your content into a pre-designed format.

If you have already created a publication, for example a flyer in Word or Publisher, it needs to be converted to an image format (jpg, for example) and sized to 1920×1080. Please visit the Media Lab (lower level of Brookens Library) for assistance.

Appropriate content for signage

Examples of appropriate content for the signs includes (but is not limited to):

  • Announcements for upcoming campus events/activities that are open to all members of the campus community
  • Photographs or short videos showcasing campus events/activities
  • Information about campus services or resources

Content that is not allowed

Examples of inappropriate content for the signs includes (but is not limited to):

  • Political signs or information, including images promoting campus referendums or candidates for student government
  • Commercial solicitation or solicitation of donations
  • Content that is harassing, stalking, threatening or attacking others
  • Content that is defamatory, obscene, or depict violence
  • Content that is hateful in language targeting race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or political beliefs
  • Content that is fraudulent or unlawful
  • Content that violates any intellectual property rights

Requesting a Hypersign+ Digital Sign

University digital signs run Hypersign Pro cloud-based software. To request an interactive digital sign for your department, please review the following information regarding the costs of acquiring, installing, and maintaining interactive digital signs. If you would like to request digital signage, after reviewing the information below, or have questions about costs and installation, please submit a ticket to the ITS Client Services by emailing

There are two types of cost, the onetime purchase of necessary items and installation and the annual license cost.

    • Hardware: Display/screen/TV this cost will vary based on the size of the screen and whether it is a touch screen or not.  The current screens on campus are 46” touch and with the mounting bracket cost $3,089 each.
    • Installation: UIS Carpenters will mount hardware if a wall location is selected.  Additionally, UIS Electricians may need to install electrical receptacle and network jack.
    • PC: Each digital sign display will need a Windows 10 compatible PC to run the cloud-based software. The PC will cost approximately $850.
    • Each digital sign running the Hypersign Pro software is required to have an individual Hypersign license. The annual cost associated with the Hypersign Pro license, which includes software upgrades and customer support, is priced approximately $420. If your department is considering purchasing a digital sign and license, please contact the UIS Marketing Department to be added to the university’s Hypersign Pro license package to take advantage of discounts.

[Note: Prices are subject to change.]