To check the status of your GA application, please email your request (including name and UIN) to:


 Are you planning to apply for fall?

The annual application deadline for first round consideration is March 15. Students who wish to be considered for an assistantship starting on August 16 must have a complete application file on record with the Graduate Assistantship Office by 5:00 pm (central standard time) on March 15 in order to be included in the first round of file reviews.

If the annual priority deadline is missed, students may submit a complete application file by 5:00 pm (central standard time) on June 1 to be included in the second round.

Are you applying for spring?

The deadline to submit a complete application to be considered if any assistantship positions are available for the spring semester is 5:00 pm (central standard time) on November 1.

Complete Application File

**NOTE: GA and GPSI are switching to a new application system. Any applications submitted will be asked to resubmit on the new application portal. To prevent unnecessary work, we recommend waiting to begin your application until February 1, 2020.

Your file is complete once we have received your application, resume, personal goal statement and three reference letters.  The Graduate Assistantship Office will request verification of your admission to a graduate degree program and your transcripts from our Admissions Office.  Specific application information is below:

1. An online GA/GPSI application

2. A current resume:  Email to

3. Personal goal statement for both the GA and GPSI programs:  The personal goal statement form is submitted online.  There is a box to enter your email address to receive a copy of your submitted form.  You may also save the form and complete it at a later time.  If you delete the confirmation email with your login information, you must start the form over.

4. 3 letters of reference*:  Letters must be from Faculty or Employer dated within the past 18 months and submitted directly from the letter writer’s email to  Recommendation letters will not be accepted unless they are addressed tot eh GA and/or GPSI programs.  Please do not personally send copies of these letters to the Graduate Assistantship Office, as we cannot accept letters submitted by applicants.

5. Official undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts**:  Applicants should not  submit transcripts directly to the Graduate Assistantship Office; transcripts should only be submitted to the UIS Office of Admissions.  For more information, contact the UIS Office of Admissions.)

6. Documentation from the UIS Office of Admissions:  Verification that you have been either conditionally or fully admitted to a graduate degree program (Note: Applicants do not submit this documentation.)

*If any document submitted as part of the application requirements to the GA Program is determined to have been plagiarized/copied from another source, the applicant’s file will be immediately and permanently removed from the applicant pool.

**Please note that if your undergraduate degree is in progress at the time you apply for graduate admission and/or for a graduate assistantship, thereby resulting in you being conditionally admitted to your graduate program, final transcripts with official undergraduate degree certifications must be provided to the UIS Office of Admissions before a contract can be initiated for you to begin working in your assistantship position.

To Apply

Click here to apply for a Graduate Assistantship position for the 2019-2020 academic year starting Fall 2019).

International students please note:  An F-1 visa and a social security number must be on file before you may begin working as a graduate assistant. Please refer the “Eligibility Criteria” option for more information. Additionally, an attested and sealed copy of your undergraduate degree certification must be on file with the UIS Office of Admissions before you may begin working. The UIS Office of Admissions may provide you with an extended time frame to provide your convocation certificate; however, if it is not on file, you may place your eligibility at risk because hiring departments will not wait for this document to arrive before finalizing hiring decisions.