Selection Process

Assistantship Selection Process

Each year, the number of applications for assistantships significantly exceeds the number of available positions, so the selection process is very competitive; not everyone who applies is invited to interview. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early and to make sure their application file is complete and accurate by the annual application deadline date of March 15th. Additional rounds may be necessary to complete the search process.

The assistant selection process at UIS involves the following steps:

  1. Eligible students submit application through the admissions portal.
  2. Each open assistantship position will be handled by a Search Committee designated by the department seeking to fill a vacant position. Search Committee members review the pool of completed student applicant files and select top candidates.
  3. Top candidates are invited to interview by the department. The Graduate Assistantship Office does not schedule interviews.
  4. Search Committee members evaluate interviewees and the Committee Chair submits a Request to Hire memo.
  5. After the Request to Hire memo is approved at all required levels, the Search Committee Chairperson or the Assistantship Supervisor will contact the selected candidate to extend an offer.
  6. If the offer is accepted, a letter of intent and contract are created.

Important Note for Applicants

Interviews are conducted by invitation only.

Please do not contact program representatives in an independent effort to obtain an assistantship position. Repeated attempts to persuade program faculty and staff to interview or select you leave a very negative impression and may significantly reduce or eliminate your chances of obtaining such a position.