Important Information for Applicants

  • The number of open positions varies from year to year. When you apply, you are not applying for a specific position. Qualified applicants are entered into a hiring pool that is available to all hiring units with open positions. Units may be looking for specific skill sets and qualifications, but they can review applications from all disciplines.
  • Do not make direct contact with faculty or staff to inquire about vacant positions, or submit application materials to the department.  Direct contact with departments in an effort to obtain a position is strictly prohibited.  Repeated attempts to persuade faculty or staff to interview or select you leave a very negative impression and may result in removal of your applicant file from the applicant pool.
  • This program is very competitive and applying does not guarantee an interview, nor does interviewing guarantee an offer.  All selections must be approved by the department, Dean’s/unit head’s office, the Provost’s Office, and the Access for Equal Opportunity Office before a formal offer of employment can be extended and a contract executed.


Eligible applications are kept on file for up to one year, so long as reference letters are no more than 18 months old. To confirm the status of your application, please email

Resume updates may be made once per semester.