Graduate Public Service Internship (GPSI)

The GPSI program gives graduate students the opportunity to gain real world work experience and earn money, all while receiving a tuition waiver. Please visit the GPSI website for more information.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships at UIS are designed to recruit outstanding and promising students to graduate study.  Assistantships are available in many of our master’s degree programs, as well as our research and support units.  Please visit the GA website for more information.

Illinois Legislative Staff Internship

As the focal point of policy development and political activity, the Illinois General Assembly is an exciting arena to experience state government first-hand by working as an Illinois Legislative Staff Intern with the legislative leaders who will shape public policy in Illinois for the next decade.  Read more on the ILSIP website.

Student Employment (Hourly)

UIS CareerConnect lists jobs on-campus and off-campus for current UIS students.  Read more here.


Thomas A. Shearer Scholarship

This $2500 scholarship fund was established in 2009 by Thomas A. Shearer who graduated from UIS (then Sangamon State) with a BA in Environments and People. Because Mr. Shearer has a great concern for students working toward their bachelor’s degree, this scholarship is for a full or part time student with an Environmental Studies major, demonstrated financial need, and at least a 3.0 GPA.  If no such student is eligible, the next priority will be an Environmental Studies minor with a major in the College of Public Affairs and Administration.

Environmental Studies Alumni Award

Established in 1997 by alumni, faculty, and students, this $500 scholarship is available to a graduate student in Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences who is enrolled in at least four credit hours. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0.

Luther W. Skelton Endowment for Energy Policy and Energy Research

The $200 awards, one per semester, are open to application by any ENS graduate student who has defended his/her thesis or graduate project proposal in the area of energy policy or research. If no one meets that criteria, graduate students whose research focus most closely relates to the spirit of this intent may be considered. To apply, students should email to the department chair a brief discussion of the research and its significance, and why receipt of the award is necessary for the success of the research. Applications are due on February 15 for awards made in the spring and September 15 for fall awards.

Mary and Nelson Howarth Scholarships

Nelson Howarth was a respected Springfield attorney and three-term mayor who was instrumental in convincing the Illinois General Assembly to establish our campus. Scholarships from this merit-based $4000 fund are renewable and are awarded annually to students in Environmental Studies or one of four other majors.

Maurice W. Scott Scholarship in Public Affairs

This $900 scholarship is given annually to an outstanding community college student who has transferred to UIS to pursue an education in Public Affairs (the college that includes Environmental Studies).

Fred M. Wrighton Scholarships

Recipients of this scholarships from this $5000 fund must be undergraduates in the College of Public Affairs and Administration (which includes Environmental Studies) with demonstrated need with a preference for a student athlete.

Some scholarship funds may be divided to provide support for multiple students.  Many other scholarships and awards exist at UIS, with selection criteria ranging from residency, previous schools attended, extracurricular activities, and background to financial need and academic excellence (as freshmen or transfer students). All scholarships, including those not need-based, require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the UIS Scholarship Application. The deadline for all of these scholarships is February 15 of each year. Students can apply for scholarships in February even if they will not enroll at UIS until the following fall semester. For information on these and many other scholarships, visit