Faculty with diverse backgrounds are committed to unique approaches to environmental issues.

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Dr. Kyle Blount
Assistant Professor
Phone (217) 206-8524
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Dr. Anne-Marie Hanson
Associate Professor
Phone (217) 206-8162
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Dr. Tih-Fen Ting
Associate Professor
Phone: (217) 206-7876
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Dr. Brandon Derman
Assistant Professor
Phone (217) 206-8581
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Dr. Megan Styles
Environmental Studies Program Director
Associate Professor
Phone (217) 206-8580
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Dr. Yun Zhao
Assistant Professor
Phone (217) 206-7895
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Associated Faculty

Professors from the natural and social sciences and the humanities often lend their expertise to broaden the educational experiences of our students.  Below is a partial list of those faculty members.

Dr. Amy McEuen
Research Associate Professor
Phone (217) 206-7341
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Harshavardhan Bapat
Associate Professor, Chemistry
(217) 206-7744
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Dr. Tom Rothfus
Director of UIS Field Stations
(217) 206-7418
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Adjunct Faculty

The department brings in individuals from the surrounding community, and worldwide, whose professional expertise in a particular subject allows students to broaden their educational experience.