Necessary Steps


The Necessary Steps Mentoring program (NSMP): is a Living Learning Community that was established in 2009 at UIS. It is designed to transition first-generation students to the challenges and demands of college life. First-generation is defined as students whose parents/guardians have not graduated from a four year college or institution.  Necessary Steps is intended to assist in the transition from high school to college, as well as, transforming our students into scholars. The program also has a book written by Dr. Clarice R. Ford “Necessary Steps: Roadmap for First Generation College Student Success.” The advantages of joining Necessary Steps are abundant.  Each freshman in the program will be paired with an experienced Necessary Steps student.  This person will act as a mentor, friend, and confidant that is dedicated to helping students become acquainted with life at UIS. To apply to the program, follow this link!

For more information contact Samaryia Magee: Necessary Steps Program Coordinator