The mission and goals of the UIS Division of Student Affairs are guided by several documents:


Student Development

Our staff of professionals is committed to the enhancement of students’ self-awareness, connections to UIS and each other, understanding of diversity and inclusion, and their ability to act as leaders.

Excellent Service

Our programs, services, and facilities seek to offer the best possible experience as we assist students in their transition to campus life and through the completion of their degree program.

Building Community

Our community partnerships help us to engage the UIS Community in the larger social system to promote service learning, social justice, and civic engagement.

Diversity and Inclusion

We work to attract, to hire, and to retain students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds; our goal is a rich multicultural environment.

Organizational and Professional Development

We model life-long learning by staying up-to-date within our respective fields.

Connections to Professional Organizations

Below you will find a list of organizations for which UIS is either an institutional member or has Student Affairs' staff members as individual members.