1. If indoors, seek refuge under a desk or table. Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment. During an earthquake, exit the building only after the shaking has stopped.
  2. If outdoors, move away from utility poles and buildings. Always avoid power or utility lines as they may be energized.
  3. After the initial shock, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, call 206-7777 or 911. Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for after-shocks.
  4. Report damaged facilities to 206-7777 or 911.

NOTE: Gas leaks and power failures create special hazards. (Utility FailureDo not light a match or smoke.

  1. Notify emergency personnel of persons with disabilities who are in the building and need help to evacuate.
  2. In case of fire, do not use elevators.
  3. If evacuated, move to a clear area at least 150 yards away from the affected building. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. If requested, assist the UIS Police DepartmentDo not return to an evacuated building unless directed by UISPD.