Data Analytics

Data Analytics, a joint program by the Departments of CS and Mathematics, prepares students for data analytics careers or entry to a Ph.D. program.

There is an enormous demand for data scientists who can interpret the extraordinary amounts of information being produced and collected. Organizations in business and government are eager to leverage data to improve their productivity, allocate resources, minimize risk, increase transparency, gain new insights, and maintain their competitive advantage.

IBM (05/2017) predicts demand for Data Scientists will soar 28% by 2020.

Forbes (12/2017) lists Data Science And Machine Learning fastest growing jobs today.

The M.S. degree in Data Analytics, classified as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, is offered in both on-campus* and online** formats. On-campus students will have the option of taking online or blended classes as well. All prerequisite classes are available both online and on campus.

* F1- students must have completed a course in data structures and algorithms to be considered for admission to the master’s degree program.

** Admissions to the online program will not be granted to international students residing outside of the U.S.

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