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The Counseling Center assists individuals who are trying to overcome various forms of current or past abuse. These may include incidents of domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. Information on each of these issues may be found by accessing the web sites listed below. Contact information for services related to these areas is also provided.

Dating Violence

Dating violence is a type of intimate partner violence.  It occurs between two people in a close relationship.  The nature of dating violence can be physical, emotional, or sexual.  The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention provides helpful information and resources on Teen Dating Violence, including this Teen Dating Violence Fact Sheet      

Domestic Violence

Signs of Domestic Violence

  • Physical abuse such as slapping, kicking, hitting, shoving, or other physical force.
  • Sexual abuse including rape, sexual assault, forced prostitution, or interfering with birth control.
  • Emotional abuse such as shouting, name-calling, humiliation, constant criticism, or harming the victim’s relationship with her or his children.
  • Psycholigical abuse including threats to harm the victims’ family, friends, children, co-workers, or pets, isolation, mind games, destruction of victims’ property, or stalking.
  • Economic abuse such as controlling the victim’s money, withholding money for basic needs, interfering with school or job, or damaging the victim’s credit.

Elder Abuse & Abuse of Persons with Disabilities

Signs of Abuse

  • Denying meals or medication
  • Hiding or breaking glasses, hearing aids
  • Threatening to hurt you or your children, friends, family members, or pets
  • Humiliating, being cruel or speaking harshly to you
  • Keeping you away from your friends and family
  • Hitting, beating, pushing or restraining you
  • Forcing you to have sexual contact
  • Keeping you locked up

If you are in an abusive relationship and need immediate assistance, call the Springfield Sojourn Shelter at (217) 726-5200.

HAVEN – Live Without Fear – includes web resources and hotlines for domestic and sexual violence.  Information on this site can help you create an individualized safety plan.

American Bar Association – articles on cyber stalking; child protection and custody; links for legal assistance and resource information including, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence – (217) 789-2830.

Sexual Abuse

Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse – ASCA is an international self-help support group program designed specifically for adult survivors of neglect, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

Sexual Assault

The National Women’s Health Information Center – contains an overview of dating/acquaintance rape, and other links about dating and domestic violence.

Just what is “Acquaintance Rape?” The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault defines the term Acquaintance rape as a sexual assault crime committed by someone who knows the victim.   As a sexual assault crime,  acquaintance rape includes forced, manipulated or coerced sexual contact.  If someone forced you to have sex, that is rape – even if you know the attacker.

Early efforts to promote healthy, respectful dating relationships are more likely to prevent dating violence before the problem begins. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

ICASA – or “Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault”- focuses on victims’ rights and the legal processes due an assault victim. Take a moment to explore the links included on their web page. The Springfield phone number for ICASA is: (217) 753-4117.

You may also contact ICASA via e-mail, sblack@icasa.org.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome behavior, or attention, of a sexual nature that interferes with your life. Sexual advances, forced sexual activity, statements about sexual orientation or sexuality, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature all constitute sexual harassment. The behavior may be direct or implied. Sexual harassment can affect an individual’s work or school performance, and can create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

AAUW Sexual Harassment: Strategies

U.S. Department of Education – Office for Civil Rights

Copies of the UIS Sexual Harassment Policy can be obtained at the Office of Access and Equal Opportunity (PAC 563) or the Counseling Center (HRB 64). Instances of sexual harassment at UIS can be reported to the UIS Office of Access and Equal Opportunity, PAC 563, PH: (217) 206-6222. The Counseling Center provides counseling and advocacy to students, staff and faculty with sexual harassment concerns.

Counseling and Emergency Assistance

  • Call the UIS Counseling Center at HRB 64, (217) 206-7122
  • After Hours Crisis Counselor: (217) 206-7122


  • Sojourn Shelter and Service, Inc.
    1800 Westchester Blvd
    Springfield, IL 62704
    24-hour Hotline: (217) 726-5200
  • Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault
    110 W. Laurel
    Springfield, IL 62704
    217.744 2560
    24-hour Hotline: (217) 753-8081
  • UIS Health Services
    BSB 20 (Business Services Building)
  • St. John’s Hospital Emergency Room
    800 E. Carpenter
    Springfield, IL
    (217) 525-5610
  • Memorial Medical Center Emergency Room
    800 N. Rutledge
    Springfield, IL
    (217) 788-3030

Sexual Assault Hotline:  (800) 656-HOPE (4673)