Quotes from past participants

“Felt like a gathering – not a training.”

"Supportive and empowering environment."

“Getting to know people’s stories and experiences. I feel everyone would benefit from this workshop.”

“I really appreciated having the opportunity to learn about others and see all the identities in the room. It was done in a very thoughtful and inclusive way.”

“Understanding your role in ending oppression.”

“Speak up when I am to support my own group and others. This workshop gave me more confidence to do this.”

“I’m more willing to stand up when I hear an inappropriate comment/joke.”

“(Activities)… made me feel as if I belonged to a group within the larger group.”

“Identifying my own identities and insecurities and helping to see that everyone has got something. Getting to know more of the shared experiences with the pairs.”

“The times of real, immediate, concrete self expression…”

Leadership for Equity & Inclusion: Bias & Prejudice Reduction

"I appreciated the opportunity to hear from others and learn from their experiences"

"Learning from a Native American that often don’t have the pleasure of learning from."

"Building authentic meaningful relationships, having support around personal issues/ experiences, more practical ideas on how to share information on a day to day basis."

"Forming genuine connections–this allowed me to take risks, be introspective and learn."

"The small group breakout for speak outs allowed for the chance for me to find my voice."

"Everyone can learn something from everyone."

"During the small group session on speak outs I was able to support and be supported and make a good intimate connection with the person with whom I was paired."

"Being grouped with such a diverse amount of people but seeing just how similar many of our experiences are."

Controversial Issues Process

  • Be able to use scenarios to work through issues or topics that may arise. Also, how to manage/embrace conflict.
  • The opportunity to dialogue with someone who holds a very different opinion than I on a specific
    We’ve agreed to disagree and the processing was valuable to me.