Resources for the UIS and the Springfield community to address racial inequality, discrimination, bias, and police brutality.

This resource list has been developed by the UIS Coalition Builders, an affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute, as well as members of the UIS Diversity Center, UIS Women’s Center, UIS Gender & Sexuality Student Services, and members of the faculty at UIS. We welcome your input. If you have a suggested resource, organization, or academic course to add to this list, please email Kerry Poynter at

1. Support local & national organizations working for racial justice, change inequality, and oppression

2. Educate yourself about issues affecting the Black/African-American community and learn how to become a better ally.

3. Take a class at UIS that teaches about the history of White Supremacy and continued systemic racism in the United States. Fall Semester 2020:

4. Contribute to funds that provide assistance to those in need.

Updated June 10, 4:04PM.