UIS Coalition Builders NCBI Certificate

Display your NCBI Certificate of Commitment! Earn all four stickers for your certificate for gaining valuable leadership skills. You receive a Certificate of Commitment to proudly display on your door when when you attend any of the workshops or lunch dialogues. Display on your office or residence hall door or proudly on your home refrigerator. Also makes an excellent addition to your portfolio.

“I am learning leadership skills to better understand how to effectively respond to bias, prejudice, and intergroup conflict.”

Stickers earned include:

  1. “Leadership for Equity & Inclusion: Bias & Prejudice Workshop” (blue sticker)
  2. “Controversial Issues Process Workshop” (pink sticker)
  3. “NCBI Principles Dialogue” (green sticker)
  4. “Role Plays: Shifting Attitudes” (yellow sticker)