Numerous Industries are available for your career exploration. Knowledge of various industries will assist you in choosing an industry compatible with your field of interest. Utilize the industry descriptions and links below to understand each industry sub-category.

If you are trying to determine whether a particular industry is growing, you can research that industry in much the same way that you have been researching possible careers. Begin your research with a broad net, as you identify the industries that most interest you. Your first resource should be a library that offers an extensive selection of business magazines, such as Fortune, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Industry Week, Barron’s, Money, Nation’s Business, U.S. News & World Report, Time, Newsweek, and specific industry trade journals. Major metropolitan newspapers publish industry trend articles as well. Local business journals many times produce an annual directory of companies organized by industry.

What are you looking for in all of this industry information? When perusing your resources, you want to determine current trends, vocabulary, company rankings/competition, government regulations and issues, customers, distribution channels, new products, and the overall health of the industry. This information will provide you the framework and background you need to explore the fields that interest you. A list of resources are available below to assist in your research.

Company Profiles

Employers perceive “researching the company” as a critical factor in the evaluation of applicants because it reflects interest and enthusiasm. Best practices for learning about Companies:

Visit the companies webpages you are interested in and attend interviews well-informed regarding the company’s mission, goals, methods and recent trends.

Additional Resources