Mail Services

Providing More than Just Mail Service

Mail Services exists primarily for the distribution, collection, and processing of the University Inter-campus, USPS mail, and United Parcel Service. The contents of these are related to the official business of the University. Official University business is defined as being essential to the activities of the institution. Thus, the campus mail system, as part of the University’s facilities, is a restricted service. It is not available for the personal use of University employees or for the personal use, private gain, or use by non-University groups for the advertisement of programs or political endorsements not sponsored by the University.

Mail Services at the University of Illinois Springfield is located in room 114 of the Business Services Building (BSB 114). Mail Services processes all incoming, United States Postal Service (USPS) Mail, United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express/Ground (FedEx), DHL, Airborne, intercampus and outbound USPS Mail as well as all outbound packages via UPS.

Mail Preparation

Mail will be delivered to and picked up from the designated campus mail stops. An outgoing and incoming mail tray or box that is accessible to our staff should be established near the entrance of each mail stop. Outgoing USPS mail should be bundled with all mail pieces facing the same way. International mail must be separated from domestic mail since international mail requires additional processing. Departments must submit a bar coded mail authorization slip (signed by the account representative) with each bundle of letters or flats.

United States Post Office

All outgoing United States Post Office (USPS) mail must be received by UIS Mail Services no later than 3:30 p.m. to be processed on that day. This allows Mail Services to process the daily mail to meet USPS requirements for pickup.

United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service (UPS) shipments must be accompanied with a completed UPS form by the requesting department in conjunction with a signed bar coded mail authorization slip. All UPS packages must be received by UIS Mail Services no later than 3:30 p.m. for shipping that day.

Standard Mail

Standard Mail is one of the most economical methods of sending printed material through the postal system. Standard Mailings that are designed to be automation compatible are generally machine processed along with First-Class Mail. This increases the delivery speed to nearly match First-Class Mail at a greatly reduced postage cost.

Below are the key requirements you should know about Standard Mail.

  • Standard Mail is only for domestic addresses, no international addresses.
  • The mail piece cannot contain subject matter considered to be First-Class Mail content.
  • Each mailing must contain a minimum of 200 pieces.
  • Each mailing must be identical in size, weight, envelope, and content including paper color.
  • Each piece must have a complete return address that includes “University of Illinois Springfield.”
  • Mail pieces should have an indicia printed on each piece noting mail class.
  • The mail list MUST be run through NCOA before the mailing is processed.

Standard Mail is neither forwarded nor returned by the USPS without an endorsement; undeliverable mail is recycled. Avoid creating and sending undeliverable mail by establishing proper list management procedures.

Please contact the Mail Center (206-6588) for further information about preparation of a Standard mailing.

Instructions for Mail List Preparation and Submission