The UIS Greenhouse hosts many interesting and beautiful plants from around the world. These plants are mainly used for teaching purposes, but the greenhouse also contains some exotic orchids greenhouse facilities to set up research projects. The Greenhouse is located on the Southeast side of HSB.

Our Greenhouse Plants


These belong to an ancient group of plants that was very common when dinosaurs were around. Now, cycads have a distribution limited to tropical and subtropical areas.

Cyperus papyrus

The common name of this plant is papyrus. This plant was used in Ancient Egypt to make paper.



Mainly found in South America but some species are also found in Africa. In Suriname, some species in this plant group are used in traditional medicine in the treatment of colds, headaches, and sore throat.


The common name of species in this group is rosemallow. Some species in this group are used for human consumption (e.g. herbal tea and vegetable), traditional medicine, and paper making.