CareerConnect Services Agreement

Terms of Use

The UIS CareerConnect/NACElink Network (UISN)* at the University of Illinois Springfield provides career management tools and resources to market and facilitate experiential and career opportunities connecting students and alumni with employers. The UISN is part of the NACElink Network, owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). As a member of the NACElink Network, UISN offices provide Symplicity Career Services Manager (CSM) software, a web-based system hosted by NACE for posting experiential opportunities/jobs, scheduling interviews for students/alumni for employers recruiting on campus, and maintaining user data and documents (i.e. resumes). The UISN will share some data, such as employer profiles and job postings. However, the data within the counseling/student appointment management module will not be shared among the UISN and will be used only by qualified staff within the Career Development Center. This document outlines the UISN terms of use of the NACElink Network and Symplicity CSM software for students, alumni, employers, and other users. UISN reserves the right to change these terms of service and/or the nature of functionality of the service at any time. Users must also review the NACElink User Agreement.

External Content

UISN and the University of Illinois Springfield do not assume responsibility for, nor can be held accountable for, non-University links or the contents or information of those links. This extends to use of or losses incurred by use of those links or the information they contain.

Warranties and Liability

UISN has associated itself with NACE and NACElink in order to provide improved services to University of Illinois at Springfield students and alumni. Many of the provisions contained in this Statement are based upon representations made by NACE and NACElink. While UISN believes that NACE and NACElink provide a valuable service to our job seeking community, NACE and NACElink are not affiliated with UISN offices. Therefore, UISN participating offices cannot guarantee, nor do they otherwise accept responsibility for any portion of this Statement that depends upon NACE’s representations and its compliance with those representations.

While UISN will make every effort to ensure that employers and job postings are legitimate, UISN offices are not liable for the accuracy of employer and job information contained on Symplicity. NACE does not screen employers or job postings.

Additionally, please refer to the University’s Web Privacy Notice.

Applicable Laws and Policies

The use of this service is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as general University and campus policies (please refer to the UIS website to review campus policies).

Authorized Users

The NACElink Network and each of the Symplicity CSM’s within the UISN are intended for use by students, alumni, and employers. Students are defined as current students registered with a UISN participating office. Alumni are defined as former students with an affiliation or active relationship with a UISN participating office. Employers are defined as entities that have expressed interest in hiring current students and/or alumni registered with a UISN participating office. In addition, select University staff members have access to each of the Symplicity CSM affiliates within the UISN as necessary for administration of the service.

Privacy Policy

UISN and NACE are committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information submitted by the users of Symplicity, the online job system provided through partnership with NACE and the NACElink Network. Users of the service should also review the NACElink Network Privacy Policy.

Information collected through Symplicity and the NACElink Network will be used for the following:

  • To enable employers to access and use various tools, features, and functionality of the NACElink system, such as posting jobs, scheduling interviews, and using resume search engines. The appropriate UISN staff will, to the best of their ability, verify that only bona fide employers are allowed access within the UISN.
  • To enable students/alumni to access various tools, features, and functions of the NACElink system, in particular, job postings, resume databases, and job-search agents.
  • To communicate with employers and students regarding use of NACElink, site changes, or information on possible events/activities associated with recruiting.

Student/Alumni Jobseekers

NACE receives and collects personal identifiable information about a student/alumni user (name, contact information, demographic information, academic history, employment history, etc.) via NACElink after they register for services and upload resumes, cover letters, and other documents which contain personal information. UIS staff members from UISN participating offices may access some of the job seeker’s personal information to send e-mails using communication tools on the site, to publish resumes in the school’s resume book(s), and to send resumes to employers on behalf of the students/alumni. Students and alumni have an option to opt out of both e-mail communication and inclusion in the resume boo k database.

Employers using NACElink directly through NACElink or through an UISN participating office will have access to user resumes and personal information contained therein for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring purposes, with the exception of students who have opted out of inclusion. Employers will also have access to limited information from user’s profiles only if the profile matches an employer’s search criteria. NACE and UISN participating offices are not responsible for what employers do with the personal information that is available or accessible on this site, and jobs posted on the NACElink Network are not screened by NACE.

While NACE and UISN attempt to limit access to this database to only legitimate employers, NACE cannot guarantee that other parties will not, without consent, gain access to the database.


UISN and NACE will collect information from employers using the site. This information may include contact information (such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses), unique identifiers (such as NACE membership, account numbers, or passwords to NACElink), financial information (such as a credit card numbers), and demographic information (such as location, type of organization, size of organization). The financial information collected will be used only to bill an organization for fees associated with multi-school listings, other NACElink services, or select recruiting activities arranged through any office within the UISN. Credit card information will be deleted as soon as the transaction is completed and will not be stored on NACE’s or DirectEmployers’ servers. Employers will need to re-enter that information each time a new financial transaction is conducted. NACE will receive and collect job postings (including job descriptions, employment qualifiers, and salary information) and interview schedules posted either directly through NACElink, the DirectEmployers Association web site, or the CSM web site in the UISN.

Updating Account Information

NACElink allows users to change or correct personal information at any time. To do so, users simply login to their account, go to their profile, and locate options for editing the information.

Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses and Aggregated User Data

NACE collects IP addresses from all users of the site, and collects and monitors other data and information about the activities of users on the site collectively. This data is used only anonymously and in the aggregate.


Cookies, which are small text files recorded in a user’s hard drive, are employed by thousands of sites to enhance users’ web viewing experience. Cookies cannot damage user files, nor can they read information from a user’s hard drive. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a user’s computer. Cookies allow sites to “remember” users across pages of a site and across multiple visits to a site. When users access NACElink, it will set a cookie while they are on the site. Once users log out of the site or close their browser window the cookies are deleted. Thus, NACElink will not be storing information as to the number of times that a user visited the site. It will be necessary for users to log in each time that they wish to access NACElink.


NACE takes precautions to protect the user’s information. When users submit sensitive information via the Web Site, the information is protected both online and off-line. In addition, the job seeker and employer data is password protected, so only the user can access this information. All personally identifiable information collected by NACE is stored in limited-access servers. NACElink has technical, administrative, and physical security measures and safeguards in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under NACE’s control. This site uses secure servers to protect from loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under its control.

Administration of the Service and Appropriate Use

Students and alumni use NACElink through their college/university career centers to post resumes and to review and apply for job opportunities. All students and alumni who use an UISN participating system must agree electronically or through signature to the User Participation/Registration Agreement for the system on which they register or affiliate and will be held accountable for actions that violate applicable agreements.

Employers use NACElink to post employment opportunities and to search the central resume database directly on, through any of the CSM web sites within the UISN MSE, DirectEmployers Association’s web site, or NACE’s web site (NACEWeb) where there is a direct link to NACElink.

By using this service, all users agree to maintain the confidentiality of their username and password, and to represent themselves and/or their organization honestly, accurately, and professionally. UISN participating offices reserve the right to terminate any user account in the event of a violation of this Terms of Use policy.

Users are encouraged to report violations of this Terms of Use policy to the appropriate UISN participating office:

By using the system, it is assumed that each user understands and agrees to follow these policies, regardless of whether he/she has read them.

*The UIS CareerConnect NACElink Network (UISN) includes the Career Development Center and Student Employment Office).