Who are STARS students?

Students who succeed in the STARS program are students who have previously demonstrated a need for additional academic support and who have elected to approach their academic college career proactively by utilizing the various support services UIS offers. STARS students also enjoy the benefits of a living-learning community and are able to spend two weeks adjusting to campus during the Summer Bridge program prior to the beginning of their freshmen year.

What is a living-learning community?

The living- learning community is a residence life space where STARS students live together and enjoy a variety of programming opportunities developed specifically to help them succeed academically. In addition, these students also enjoy a shared curriculum experience through the STARS First Year Seminar. Finally, students establish strong bonds with one another during the Summer Bridge Program, and arrive on campus with community of friends and a solid understanding of campus resources and procedures.

What are some of the advantages to being in the STARS program?

The STARS program provides individualized one-on-one support from advising, shared curriculum of the first year seminar, and programming tailored to the needs of the students. STARS students have a consistent, accessible source of information to help navigate the challenges of the first year of college, and ensure that they meet academic goals.