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Built on more than 40 years of experience on our campus and based on the philosophy of Ernest Boyer, the Liberal Studies program gives learners the space they need to design individualized academic experiences that meet their unique educational interests and goals. To accomplish this, students are not limited to a curriculum that is focused in a single discipline.  Instead, Liberal Studies students are free to explore many disciplines, which results in a well-rounded education.

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Congratulations 2018-19 Online Graduates

One of the first questions many online students ask is, “will I ever need to come to campus?”  The answer is “no,” online students never need to come to campus, BUT when they finish their degrees, we really hope they can join us in Springfield to celebrate their accomplishment at commencement.

Career Paths

Many students choose Liberal Studies to build upon or expand their existing careers, but our program’s mission is to develop skills and abilities that open up a wide variety of new career paths.

Leadership Lived

Meet a few of our campus majors and see what they have done to embody the UIS spirit of Leadership Lived.

How Can We Help You?

Too often, we think that “good students” don’t need help, but a “good student” is often the student who is willing to reach out for help.  Consider the resources you need to succeed at UIS.


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