Department of Philosophy

A degree in Philosophy is valuable for many entry-level positions in business, government, and education. Philosophy is also an excellent pre-law degree.

UIS Philosophy majors have successfully pursued careers in law, medicine, finance, higher education, information technology, marketing, web publishing, and more. Find out what you can do with a philosophy degree.

Why Choose Philosophy at UIS?

Philosophy Curriculum

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Featured Graduates

  • Stephanie Olson, a successful lawyer, has just recently become Senior Legal Counsel in a US Government agency. Congratulations, Stephanie!
  • Blake Dournaee is Senior Security Product Manager at a Silicon Valley tech company.
    A philosophy degree at UIS was invaluable for augmenting my previous technical degrees with a wider world perspective provided by more concentrated study in the Arts. UIS has great philosophy professors and a well-rounded curriculum. I enjoyed the classes and coursework int he philosophy of mind, philosophy of computing and ethics. — Blake Dournaee
  • Keep watching this space as we feature more of our amazing graduates!

We Take Pride in Our Students

  • Congratulations to Matthew Lowery, Outstanding Student in Philosophy for 2019!
  • Congratulations to Jesse Bahrke, Honorable Mention in Philosophy for 2019!
  • Congratulations to Kimberlee Pompa, Philosophy Program Marshal for 2019!
  • Featured Student: Ben Paoletti — check out his video profile