Course List

IPL 210: Intro to Leadership Theory and Practice (210 example syllabus)

Foundation course for Social Responsibility and Leadership Development minor – This minor is currently unavailable to students. This course is an interactive, dynamic theory to practice course focused on learning leadership knowledge, skills and values. Course includes literature, theory and leadership experiences designed to inspire, teach and engage students in the process of leadership learning. Students will learn leadership theory and come to understand their unique role in leadership on campus, in their academic discipline, in their community, within our larger society and global world.

IPL 306: Working for Women (306 example syllabus)

Women perform 66 percent of the world’s work, produce 50 percent of the food, but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property.

Through relevant and meaningful community work and critical academic reading, analysis, and online discussion, this course explores the various reasons behind and consequences of the continued lack of economic, political, cultural, and social gender equality at the local, national, and global levels.  Both in scholarly work and with service (60 hours), students will examine various aspects of gender inequality, different theories behind such disparity, and the mixture of policies, programs, and organizations fostering women’s empowerment and addressing gender inequity. Students will make “real life” connections between theory and practice as they plan and implement a gender project to meet a community need and work to develop their own approaches to solving the problem of gender inequality.

SOA/IPL 312: Perspectives on Poverty (312 example syllabus)

This course is designed to insure that students gain an understanding of major sociological and anthropological theories and methodologies related to poverty as a social phenomenon. Course readings and films expose students to academic and popular genres that offer perspectives on poverty. Students will participate in at least 60 hours of community service during the course of the semester with a non-profit organization that is approved by the professor. This course is designed to promote experiential learning while advancing the University’s mission of providing ways for students to grow as engaged and concerned citizens.

IPL 361: Social Responsibility & Leadership Development Capstone

This minor is currently unavailable to students.

This interactive, dynamic theory to practice course is focused on learning leadership knowledge, skills and values in individual and partnership contexts and builds upon the leadership literature, theory and experience foundation created in the previous courses.  It provides opportunities for analysis of the student’s experiential service project, advanced theory to practice work, and development of personal leadership theory and integrated learning plan.

IPL 362: Social Change and Leadership (362 example syllabus)

Students will become oriented to the concept of social change and leadership through participation in discussion and a semester-long service project. Students will plan and implement a project to meet a community need.