Child Advocacy Studies (CAST)

CAST is a three course curriculum created as an approach to train and educate front line professionals and the next generation of child welfare practitioners.

First developed at the National Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University, CAST (Child Advocacy Studies) is a three-course curriculum created as a collaborative approach to training and educating frontline professionals and the next generation of child welfare practitioners. The UIS CAST program adheres to the standards developed for universities, and the CAST faculty have years of experience in the child welfare field as practitioners and as trainers. UIS carries the distinction of being the second CAST program in the United States to achieve approval from the Zero Abuse Project.


Child Advocacy Studies Flyer

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Investigative reporter, Ana Espinosa, stepped into the role of a Child Protection Investigator to experience an interaction with a family alleged to have injured their son. This realistic encounter highlights the experiential component of our CAST program where students have similar experiences.

To view the full article and watch the video from News Channel 20 click the video below.


Spring 2020 CAST Courses Being Offered:

*PAD 481 Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Advocacy

*PAD 482 Global Child Advocacy Studies

*PAD 483 The System’s Response to Child Maltreatment

*Offered online and on-ground