Explore African-American Studies: A Minor with Impact

Dive into the rich tapestry of African-American history, culture, and thought through our interdisciplinary minor in African-American Studies. Discover the vibrant story of Black/African life in the United States, from its origins to its contemporary expressions.

What You Can Do With This Minor

An African-American Studies minor complements any Bachelor’s degree, not just those geared to working with the African-American community. Study of a culture signals to potential employers that a graduate has received a well-rounded liberal education in addition to professional training. Most courses are writing intensive and allow for innovative research projects. This minor teaches students critical thinking skills and an interdisciplinary methodology that serve as assets to any career.

In addition, the history, literature, and culture of African-American peoples are crucial to the fabric of the American story—and that of the greater world civilization. African-American Studies enriches our understanding of humanity itself; it is, in short, food for the soul.

What to Expect

Our program offers a captivating journey through African-American cultures. Coursework spans the evolution of African-American experiences, from the arrival of the first Africans in North America to modern-day manifestations. Some courses even introduce classical African civilization and society. Elective options expand your horizons, exploring the African Diaspora in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Many of our courses intersect with other disciplines, especially History, English, and Women and Gender Studies. Plus, we boast a robust lineup of courses focused on popular culture.

Career Opportunities

A minor in African-American Studies equips you with valuable skills in understanding ethnicity, culture, history, and social philosophy. This knowledge opens doors to various career paths where cultural sensitivity and historical awareness are highly prized. Potential careers include:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Specialist: Foster inclusive workplaces and communities.
  2. Historian: Research and document African-American history.
  3. Social Justice Advocate: Champion civil rights and social equality.
  4. Community Organizer: Mobilize for change in marginalized communities.
  5. Cultural Program Coordinator: Plan and execute cultural events.
  6. Educator: Teach African-American history and culture.
  7. Public Policy Analyst: Influence policies promoting equity and justice.
  8. Curator: Manage exhibits related to African-American heritage.
  9. Journalist: Report on issues affecting African-American communities.
  10. Nonprofit Manager: Lead organizations focused on social change.

Unlock the Power of Knowledge

Embark on a transformative academic journey with our African-American Studies minor. Gain a deep understanding of African-American experiences, and carry this valuable knowledge into a world that increasingly values diversity and cultural awareness.

Enroll in our African-American Studies minor at UIS, and become part of a community dedicated to exploring the profound impact of African-American history and culture. Your journey towards a more inclusive and equitable future begins here.