Accessing ION Courses

ION courses, whether taken for CEUs or graduate academic credit through UIS, are hosted on the Moodle learning management system. Participants are enrolled in courses about one week prior to each term’s start.

The Moodle site ( and the ION registration site do not share login information. Any changes you make at one site will not be reflected at the other (passwords, name changes, etc).

Logging into Moodle

  1. Go to the Moodle site at
  2. Click on the Moodle-Only Login button. Moodle-only Login button on Moodle site
  3. Your username is the email address that you provided in your profile on the ION website when you created your account.
  4. Your password:
    • First-time students: Your password is changeme123
    • Returning ION Participants: If you have logged into this Moodle server before, you have set your own password. If you have lost your password, please follow the password reset instructions on the Moodle site.
  5. After you successfully login, please go to your Moodle preferences page to set your password to something private and easier for your to remember.

University of Illinois Employees

If you are an employee of the University of Illinois (Springfield, Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, of System Offices), and have a NetID, click on the NetID Login to authenticate.

Forgot your Moodle-Only Password?

You may easily reset your Moodle-Only password by entering your email address on the Password Reset page. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.