8 Week Course/Instructor Led/Weekly Modules/Earn a Digital Credential


Overview of Online Instruction course is an introduction to online instruction to provide a quality education in a distance setting. As an overview, a number of typical issues relevant to those who instruct in this environment are addressed. Participants will actively discuss topics related to online instruction, learning, facilitation, design, and adaptation to the online environment. Quality online courses connect participants to the resources that lead to the construction of knowledge and problem-solving for real-world tasks. You may take this course without any prerequisites except for the critical non-graded Orientation/Introduction to Online Community provided for you when you registered for the ION program. The Overview of Online Instruction course is typically the first full course taken in the ION Master of Online Teaching (MOT) certificate program although may be taken at any time before the Practicum.


ION Professional eLearning Programs 8 CEU hours, 30 CPDU hours


As a result of completing course activities and interacting in discussion forums, participants will be able to:

  • Identify a topic and learning objectives for an online course module or lesson plan.
  • Describe online assessment tasks that are aligned to measurable course learning objectives.
  • Create engaging questions for an online discussion forum to promote critical thinking and interaction.
  • Explain how meaningful and substantive feedback to classmates can be facilitated during an online discussion.
  • Determine how instructor feedback can effectively be provided during and after an online discussion.
  • Describe an online activity that incorporates learning principles.
  • Determine how meaningful instructor feedback on online assessments can be provided to students.
  • Create an online lesson plan that incorporates multimedia and microlearning techniques (or existing reusable content) into their instruction.
  • Identify accessibility design considerations for their online instruction.
  • Describe copyright considerations for their online instruction.
  • Interact with classmates and the instructor in the discussion forums.
  • Discuss issues and trends related to online education.



Certificate Series

Master Online Teacher (MOT) Professional Certificate core choice course.