4 Week Course/Instructor Led/Weekly Modules/Earn a Digital Credential


This course provides an overview and insights into the key issues of OER. These resources have the potential to revolutionize how we teach and increase equity in online learning. Over the four-week course, you will explore, discuss, evaluate, and identify resources that are beneficial to your teaching and leadership experiences.


ION Professional eLearning Programs 4 CEU hours.


At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Assess their current knowledge of Open Educational Resources
  • Understand OER
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of OER use in higher education settings.
  • Develop an individual learning plan.
  • Use an OER repository to find OER resources to support your instruction.
  • Evaluate OER for appropriateness and quality.
  • Create a strategy for using OER in the classroom.
  • Identify a potential open textbook for use in a higher-education classroom or program.
  • Evaluate the open textbook using specific assessment criteria.
  • Identify the Creative Commons licensing and usage rights for OER.
  • Discuss issues and trends related to OER in the higher-education classroom or program.
  • Modify the Individual Learning Plan based on what was learned during the course.
  • Identify your next steps in using OER for instructional purposes.



Certificate Series

OER Certificate Required Course