8 Week Course/Instructor Led/Weekly Modules/Earn a Digital Credential


This course provides an overview of the hybrid, blended, and Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) course design and delivery approaches. These approaches integrate both face-to-face and online learning experiences in order to make learning more accessible and flexible for all students. Participants will engage in critical discussions, research, and hands-on activities to explore the foundational principles, applications, curriculum planning, and technologies of these approaches. By the end of the course, participants will have an understanding of these models and the skills to implement them in their own educational context to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.


ION Professional eLearning Programs 8 CEU hours, 30 CPDU hours

Course Goals

The educational goals of this course include:

  • Introduce students to principles, applications, and technologies of hybrid, blended, and HyFlex course design approaches.
  • Equip students to plan, implement, and assess hybrid, blended, and HyFlex course material for enhanced student engagement accessibility, and flexibility.
  • Assist students in developing reflective practices, aligning learning experiences with professional goals.

Course Outcomes

As a result of completing course activities and assignments, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of principles, applications, and relevant technologies for hybrid, blended learning, and HyFlex course design approaches.
  • Plan for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of hybrid, blended, and HyFlex course content, activities, and assessments that enhance student engagement, accessibility, and flexibility. 
  • Engage in discussions with peers that foster critical thinking and collaboration. 
  • Reflect on personal learning experiences throughout the course and their relevance to professional goals.



Certificate Series

MOT Elective Course