About CAPE

The Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) unit at UIS is designed to provide high-quality courses, development, and training to career professionals in the public and private sectors. CAPE also provides consultation services for special projects in areas such as instructional design and digital remediation.

What is Continuing and Professional Education?

Given the speed of change in today’s competitive business environment, Continuing and Professional Education becomes an effective and efficient way for individuals to remain current in their fields. Graduate programs provide advanced education, but academically-focused Continuing and Professional Education provides life-long learning, particularly to individuals who need current knowledge more than they need degree credentials. Continuing and Professional Education also provides university faculty a sense of the knowledge needs of individuals in the public and private sectors and can stimulate contacts with these sectors that lead to valuable research and improvements in academic courses and programs.

Who Does CAPE Serve?

CAPE works with faculty across the university to provide continuing professional education for local businesses and employers.  It offers short-term, very focused professional education to assist in specific skill-building. View our catalogs of non-credit online courses.