General Disclaimer

The Career Development Center at the University of Illinois Springfield in its provision of services to students, alumni, and off-campus employers makes no representations or guarantees regarding the opportunities listed on its website, bulletin boards, print materials and other resources, and is not responsible for the wages, safety, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment.

Moreover, the Career Development Center at the University of Illinois Springfield makes no representations or guarantees regarding the opportunities listed in CareerConnect (career management system) and we encourage all students to thoroughly research prospective employers using resources made available by Career Development and other tools such as the internet. While we require employers to adhere to established policies and ethical standards, we are not able to research the integrity of each organization or individual that lists a job with us. Students and alumni assume all responsibility and risk for one’s use of the CareerConnect site.

It is the responsibility of the students and alumni to take the necessary precautions when interviewing for and accepting part-time/full-time employment and participating in volunteer activities.

We make the following assurances of privacy for visitors to our Website:

The UIS Career Development Center Website is designed to provide useful career information for students, alumni, faculty and staff, family and the community at large.

Our Website does not contain any advertising for products by third parties, nor do we share any of your information with other parties except as authorized by law.

We keep track of visits to our Website via an automatic monitoring program, Google Analytics, that tells us, among other things, how many visits are made to the site; the time of day and date of those visits; and the areas visited. This monitoring program does not provide us with any personal information about a visitor. We cannot discern the name, address or any other personal information about visitors to our site. This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of our site. It helps us answer questions such as these: Are we providing information on our Web site that is useful? Which information is most useful? How have we made you aware that our Web site exists? We also encourage answers to this question directly from you. Please send comments and questions regarding our Website via e-mail to

The UIS Career Development Center site has links to other Internet pages, which might have information on career services of interest to you.

The CDC, however, does not sponsor or endorse any of these sites, nor does the CDC guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on them. In addition, CDC has no control over the privacy practices of external Websites. The user should read and understand the policies of all Websites with respect to their privacy practices. These links are provided for your general information and education only. If you have questions, please contact us.

The UIS CDC requires that written permission be obtained prior to use of any original contents on this site. Send your request to The CDC reserves the right to withdraw permission for any link.

Please forward any concerns regarding links and/or disabled links to

Phishing and Scam Postings/Emails

Phishing scams try to trick you into providing your sensitive personal information via email or text. Such scams may ask you to provide information like your social security number, credit card numbers, or bank account information. These scams can originate from anywhere in the world and may appear to be legitimate.  However, NEVER respond to these communications with any sensitive information.

Be aware that you might receive email or other notification regarding possible “employment opportunities” or jobs that use the same tactics to steal your information.

What are the signs?

  • A request for your credit card  or bank account numbers, your social security number, or other sensitive information.
  • The contact email address contains the domain,,, etc. but the contact claims to be from a well-known and reputable company (like a fortune 500 company)
  • The job/position requires you to make an investment
  • The message uses the wrong name for the university or campus department: ex. career center, career office, instead of Career Development Center
  • The posting or email contains misspellings and errors in grammar
  • You are asked to send a photo of yourself
  • The posting or email lists no qualifications, job requirements, or details about the job
  • The posting/email suggests a very wide salary range OR offers a very large “first year compensation”
  • The posting/email is about a job as: Envelope Stuffers, Home-base Assembly jobs, and Survey Takers
  • Look for the company website. Does it have an index or About Us section or does it only contain the job posting?
  • When you Google the company, the word scam appears or you see several scam reports on them.

If You Receive a Questionable Email or Offer

  1. DO NOT respond to the message in any way.
  2. Forward the email to the ITS Helpdesk ( and explain that you have received a fraudulent email.
  3. Contact the Career Development Center immediately so that we can look into the email.
  4. Delete the email.