Quizzing and Testing

Considerations for Online Quizzes and Tests

Assessing Learning Objectives – A look at how to assess learning objectives and overview of Bloom’s Taxonomy, along with some Sample Test Questions


Rubrics: A Primer by Virgil Varvel
Discusses the principles of rubrics including creation, usage, and evaluation of rubrics.

Evaluating Participation by Dale Maeder

ExcelTemplates – Spreadsheet Templates for Teachers and Students

Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty in Online Education By Virgil Varvel

Strategies to Minimize Cheating Online – Strategies to minimize a student’s temptation to cheat.

Curbing Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses, By Mike McNett – How can you be sure that the person taking the test is actually your student? And that they are acting alone, without the book?

Course and Program Evaluation

What are characteristics of an exemplary online course or program?

The Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership from UPCEA offer benchmarks to define and measure excellence at the program level. The ION Master Online Leader and Administrator certificate is mapped to the UPCEA Hallmarks.

At a course level, the ION Quality Online Course Initiative, the Chico State Exemplary Online Instruction rubric, and the Quality Matters rubric are recognized measures of course quality.

Evaluation of Online Courses