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AI: The Future of Learning

AI has the potential to be a valuable tool in education. AI can serve as a tool to help students improve their communication and language skills. Through interactions with the model, students can practice writing and speak more effectively, and learn how to communicate more clearly. The course will help participants become familiar with the technology and be able to evaluate its effectiveness and risks.

Master Online Facilitator 

This course explores the basics of online facilitation, delivering training or information through online/virtual methods. It also includes the basics of instructional design components, communication, assessment, and technology which are valuable in online training, virtual instruction, presentations, or meetings. Each module provides information about creating objectives and aligning courses to business and training goals that will help you learn to develop a course, meeting plan, training, or virtual presentation effectively.

Course Calendar

Summer and Fall 2023

6/5/2023 Summer Term 3
4 and 8-week Courses Start
6/6/2023 Summer Enrollment Ends
6/7/2023Summer Last Day to Drop
7/2/2023Summer First 4-Week Courses End
7/3/2023Summer Second 4-week Courses Start
7/30/2023Summer Term Ends   
8/21/2023Fall Term 4
4 and 8-week Courses Start
8/22/2023Term 4 Enrollment Ends
8/23/2023Term 4 Last Day to Drop
9/17/2023First 4-Week Courses End 
9/18/2023Second 4-week Courses Start
10/15/2023Term 4 Ends 
10/16/2023Fall Term 5
4 and 8-week Courses Start
10/17/2023Term 5 Enrollment Ends
10/18/2023Term 5 Last Day to Drop
11/12/2023 First 4-Week Courses End 
11/13/2023 Second 4-week Courses Start
12/10/2023Term 5 Ends 

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