8 Week Course/Instructor Led/Weekly Modules/Earn a Digital Credential

This eight-week course is as much about process as about content. We will look at very practical how-to as well as theories and paradigms related to encouraging productive communication in online courses. We will also take time to reflect upon our online communication behaviors and experiences in this course. The following is a very general overview of the course while specific requirements and assignments for each module will be detailed in the course itself.


ION Professional eLearning Programs 8 CEU hours, 30 CPDU hours


As a result of completing course activities and interacting in discussion forums, participants will be able to:

  • Identify some facilitator strategies for building community and fostering participation in our online courses.
  • Examine the viability of as well as some pros and cons of peer feedback and assessment.
  • Observe how to effectively set up asynchronous forums.
  • Explore the degree to which one might want to incorporate constructivist learning into an online course.
  • Identify some benefits and challenges of collaborative learning.
  • Identify some strategies for helping students communicate effectively through group processes.
  • Experience, first-hand, synchronous two-way audio, two-way text-based instructional activity.



Certificate Series

Master Online Teacher (MOT) Professional Certificate core choice course.