4 Weeks /Instructor Led/Weekly Modules/Digital Credentials

AI has the potential to be a valuable tool in education. AI can serve as a tool to help students improve their communication and language skills. Through interactions with the model, students can practice writing and speak more effectively, and learn how to communicate more clearly. The course will help participants become familiar with the technology and be able to evaluate its effectiveness and risks.


ION Professional eLearning Programs, 4 CEU Hours.


  • Comprehend the fundamental architectures of large language models
  • Gain practical knowledge of fine-tuning pre-trained language models for specific downstream tasks
  • Be able to critically examine the ethical implications of deploying large language models
  • Be able to evaluate language models effectively
  • Be able to utilize the principles of effective prompt design, including clarity, specificity, and context-awareness
  • Understand the nuances of multimodal prompts, combining text, images, and other modalities
  • Be able to use techniques for identifying and mitigating biases in prompts
  • Understand how prompt engineering impacts model performance and adaptability
  • Evaluate prompt quality and its impact on AI model behavior
  • Understand fundamental concepts of intelligent agent architectures, including reactive agents, deliberative agents, and hybrid models
  • Understand decision-making processes within agents, such as utility-based decision models, reinforcement learning, and Bayesian networks
  • Critically examine the ethical and societal impact of intelligent agents
  • Critically evaluate the ethical challenges posed by AI in education, considering issues such as bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of policies related to AI adoption in educational setting, including understanding legal frameworks, stakeholder engagement, and the practical steps required for policy implementation
  • Assess the impact of AI policies on educational outcomes, student experiences, and equity


AI: The Future Of Learning