Performance Evaluation Program

Annual Evaluations are due June 4, 2021

The Performance Evaluation process at UIS is designed to encourage communication between employees and their supervisors. The program focuses on year-round coaching by supervisors, culminating in a formal annual evaluation.

NEW POLICY as of July 18, 2017:  Once the evaluation and job description are signed by the employee and their immediate supervisor, they shall be directed to the Dean/Director level for signature on both the evaluation and job description.  The Division Heads signature will only be necessary if required by the Division Head -which allows each division to develop its own policy and practice. 

  • Supervisors are required to discuss the employee’s performance measures with his/her unit head prior to the performance interview. This will help supervisors and unit heads to reach a mutual understanding regarding the employee’s performance and reduce the possibility of the unit head disagreeing with the performance evaluation.  It is the responsibility of the employee’s immediate supervisor to review and discuss the results of the performance evaluation with the employee.
  • Evaluations are required for all current AP and CS employees, including those hired during the annual evaluation period.  However, CS employees in a probationary status AND with less than 3 months of UIS service will be exempt from the annual performance evaluation for that year.  The evaluation process will be satisfied by the completion of the required probationary evaluation.  In the event that the performance evaluation is completed in conjunction with the annual evaluation, please be sure to mark all appropriate boxes on the annual evaluation form at the top.
  • The evaluation period is April 1 through March 31 each year. Completed and signed Employee annual evaluation forms are due in the Office of Human Resources on or before 5pm June 4, 2021.  Timely return of these documents is required by the State University Civil Service System and University policy for audit purposes.
  • Employee self evaluation forms are highly encouraged and recommended. Self-evaluation forms should be submitted to the immediate supervisor for interdepartmental use only.
  • Performance reviews for Faculty, Academic Professional, and Open Range Civil Service staff are a factor in determining employee compensation under University policies related to merit-based salary programs.

For Employees & Supervisors: