The Academic Integrity Policy was written for and approved by the Campus Senate. Here you will find helpful resources for both students and faculty.

  • All faculty and students should read and become fully aware of the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Minor variations from the process outlined on the Academic Integrity Council website do not invalidate the Academic Integrity Policy.

Information for faculty includes the process for filing an academic integrity violation as well as the forms that should be filed with the Provost’s office.

The student resources section includes information on what academic integrity is and resources on how to avoid a violation. Students and faculty have access to each other’s areas and students are welcome to look at the procedures and forms, however only faculty should file forms (students may need to sign forms, but the faculty file them with the Provost’s office).

Adherence to the policy ensures that students receive a quality education and that a degree from UIS signifies the completion of honest work.

This website is maintained by the Academic Integrity Council, a Senate Committee charged with promoting “academic integrity at UIS” by overseeing, evaluating, and facilitating implementation and understanding of the Academic Integrity Policy (AIP).
(from the Senate Committees website.)

Please check back to this website periodically for updates on information.

Published by the Office of the Provost

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