Provost’s comments

The pandemic has forced all of us to rethink and reframe how we can achieve and maintain excellence in teaching and learning under ever-changing and potentially serious threats to our collective safety and well-being within the campus community.  We are called upon each and every day to live up to the inherent challenges of our professional identity as teacher-scholars.  Boyer’s Scholarship of Discovery, Integration, Application, and Teaching are the most exciting and motivating professional forces in the life of a teacher-scholar.  Pandemic and myriad other distractions aside, the core of academic life is guided by the pursuit of knowledge in all of its incredible forms and functions.  Today, it is my pleasure to once again present a listing of scholarly achievements by the faculty of the University of Illinois Springfield. As you review the entire compilation, you will see that it represents academic publications and presentations delivered in state, regional, national, and international venues during the 2019 calendar year, and it is an impressive array. The annual listing is a tangible reflection of our abiding commitment to the teacher-scholar model, in which scholarship and teaching are realized as mutually enlivening and enriching activities.  What is most unique about the scholarly profile at our great university is the extent to which students, both undergraduate and graduate, are actively engaged in processes of discovery in and out of the classroom. This not only speaks well of our embrace of the teacher-scholar model, but is perfectly aligned with our stated institutional values and mission.  UIS graduates are experience-engaged and liberal arts skilled through their interactions with teacher-scholars in and out of the classroom.

As you know, we traditionally limit entries in the annual listing to peer-reviewed publications and presentations, which are the time-honored, public forms of faculty scholarship. Nevertheless, we also know that faculty members engage in many other scholarly activities that contribute to the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and to the development of their academic disciplines and professional fields. The value of these activities, including but not limited to manuscript review and selection, external grants and reports, serving on editorial boards, and organizing conference panels, should never be underestimated. Engagement in integrative and application activities such as these are also a well-recognized mark of the teacher-scholar.

The teacher-scholar model is, indeed, thriving here at UIS, and in the spirit of celebrating excellence in scholarship, I extend sincere congratulations on all of your scholarly accomplishments in 2019, and affirm the commitment of everyone in Academic Affairs to your continuing scholarly efforts and professional success.

Faculty Scholarship Recognition

UIS faculty come together each fall for a celebration of faculty scholarship. This annual event provides an opportunity for UIS’ community of scholars to collectively recognize the importance and value of their contributions to new knowledge.

University Scholars

The University of Illinois University Scholars program recognizes the outstanding research faculty in the system.  Current and prior award winners at UIS are listed on the Faculty Awards page.

Faculty Scholarly Achievements